Bring the richness of the Liturgical Year into your home

    he liturgy of the Church is rich with splendor and contains all that souls need to reach their end in God.  

In these days, it isn't so easy to participate in the beauty of the liturgical year for many families.  We are working to help with that.  

Our desire is to make original art and to bring other resources together and make them easy to access for families to live with the liturgical year of the Church and always know where they are on their journey to Heaven.

Our first works to this end are to illustrate annual Liturgical Calendars that present time not only secular terms, but frame time in sacred terms.  Each calendar is meant to be used for that year, and we want to with God's help make calendars every year.

We are working to produce calendars for each of the parts of the Liturgical year.  These periods are:

- Advent

- Christmastide

- Epiphany

- Septuagesima

- Lent

- Easter

- Pentecost

- Time after Pentecost divided out into appropriate sections

We are at the beginning of this work, please look through our website, purchase a calendar if you like, and consider our Patron program we are putting together, you can read about it below.


Liturgical Calendars

Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)

Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)

French Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)

French Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)

Polish Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)

Polish Illustrated Epiphany Calendar 2021 (2 parts)


Calendars in other Languages


Click on the image to see Calendars in other languages


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   e have struggled to bring the liturgical year to life in our own home.  In ages past the whole town or village would gather and celebrate the mysteries of the faith, and customs in families were kept in tune with the Church's liturgy.

Most all of this has passed away in our modern time, and we believe it needs to come back.  Our neighbors, the monks of Clear Creek Abbey, live the liturgy every day in a most beautiful way, and we want to try and imitate them. 

We have the idea to make original art that families can put up in their homes to make more concrete the Liturgical Year.  This includes:

- Liturgical Calendars for each period

- Unique coloring pages for Feast days

- Gather recipes for things families can make to celebrate

- Illustrate prayer cards for prayers and hymns for Saints days and the seasons in the Church

- Record Saint's Stories for the children to listen to

- Record reflections on the liturgy written by Dom Gueranger from his work, "The Liturgical Year"

Our intent to accomplish this work is to build a membership of Patrons who regularly support us with a reasonable amount.  For our patrons we create and gather all of these things and present them in a way that is simple for them to use in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We want to know how many out there are interested in having something like this, so for those of you who are interested, please give us your email address.  Help us to build something beautiful for God!

    our donation will help us come closer to our goal of illustrating the entire liturgical year and to develop out our program for families.  More to come!

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