The Illustrated Liturgical Year Membership

Monthly Subscription:

  • $8: Current Season's Calendars for the Whole Year (printable)

  • $1: NEW Companion Booklets: Printable Display Book/Coloring Booklet with Daily Readings (click here to see more) 

  • Monthly Dedication Images:  2 page printable of a full-size illustrations of each Month's Feast/Dedication and Illuminated Vespers Hymn that corresponds to that Feast (it will be sent the 1st of each month)

Total Per Month: $9

Total for a year of Monthly Illustrated Liturgical Year Subscription: $108

Individual Purchase:

  • $10: Advent (4 weeks)

  • $8: Twelve days of Christmas

  • $10-15: Epiphany (depending on length of season)

  • $15: Lent (40 days)

  • $15: Easter (40 days)

  • $20: Pentecost (50 days)

  • $55: Time after Pentecost (4-5.5 months depending on length of season)

  • $12: 1 Year's worth of New Companion Books

Total to buy all calendars/companions for the year: $145-150

We are so excited to offer a new monthly subscription option for our illustrated liturgical calendars (and NEW companion printable booklets, see more).

While we have illustrated calendars for some of the bigger seasons (e.g Advent, Christmas, Lent etc.), it has long been our goal to provide illustrated liturgical calendars for every day of the entire year spanning from Advent through to the Time after Pentecost. 


Living the liturgical year means tuning our daily lives to the rhythm of the liturgical seasons, with all its variety of fasts and feasts for solemnities and saints. The purpose of these beautiful and visual calendars is to make that a tangible and accessible reality for adults and children alike.

In order to both make it more affordable for you and make this our full-time work, we are now starting a monthly subscription. With this, you will be able to pay a set monthly amount and receive digital access to the whole illustrated liturgical year as we release one season after another.  

Note about Monthly Dedication Images: This will be a 2-page pdf of beautiful display pieces in full color that will match the style of the calendars. One page will have a full-size painting representing that month's dedication (always corresponds to a feast celebrated in that month) and the other page will have the Hymn from Vespers for that feast, with a beautiful, illuminated border and stylized text.

We are designing this to be something that you could laminate or frame and display for the whole month on your altar, table or wall. 

The files for the Monthly Dedication will be sent on the night before the 1st of each month.  Below is a sample for the dedication for March.

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