Companion Booklets:

We are so excited to offer this resource, these companion booklets for the calendars. These booklets contain the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel for each day alongside the image for that day from the calendar.


The goal and vision of us here at Liturgy of the Home has always been to make the Liturgical Year more accessible to busy parents and their children. We know the challenge of navigating the many sections and small print of the traditional Missal, especially for children or those that are new to the Traditional Rite.

We thought that it would be a wonderful combination to pair some of the missal's readings in a simple, larger print format with the beautiful images from the artwork of the Liturgical Calendar, depicting a scene from each day's readings or the saint of the day.  The imagery itself was drawn from these readings and it is good to read and see in picture and words.

Our hope in creating this companion is that it will enable the scriptures and prayers of the Church's Liturgy to become more a part of your daily lives by providing a simple, ready-to-use format with which you can see and hear the words alongside the illustrations. 

The readings could be read aloud together during family prayer time or while sharing a meal or even to begin your homeschool day. Your children could also bring it as a booklet to Mass to read and contemplate during the Liturgy.

Please Note: The readings are taken from the Missale Romanum (1962)


Lent 2021 Companion:

Our companion booklet for Lent, contains the full size image shown on the calendar for each day. Lent is the only liturgical season that has it's own unique readings for each individual day. If there is a 1st or 2nd class feast then the image and readings for that day will correspond to the feast with a commemoration of the Lenten Collect.