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    he liturgy of the Church is rich with splendor and contains all that souls need to reach their end in God.  

In these days, it isn't so easy to participate in the beauty of the liturgical year for many families.  We are working to help with that.  

Our desire is to make original art and to bring other resources together and make them easy to access for families to live with the liturgical year of the Church and always know where they are on their journey to Heaven.

Our first works to this end are to illustrate annual Liturgical Calendars that present time not only secular terms, but frame time in sacred terms.  Each calendar is meant to be used for that year, and we want to with God's help make calendars every year.

We are working to produce calendars for each of the parts of the Liturgical year.  These periods are:

- Advent

- Christmastide

- Epiphany

- Septuagesima

- Lent

- Easter

- Pentecost

- Time after Pentecost divided out into appropriate sections

We are at the beginning of this work, please look through our website, purchase a calendar if you like, and consider our Patron program we are putting together, you can read about it below.


The Illustrated Liturgical Year Membership

We have finally release our first Patron's plan!  Subscribers to this membership will get digital access to all the calendars as we release them, discounts on all products in our shop, and more...

Liturgy of the Home's Online Shop

At our shop, you can purchase calendars individually, and we are working to get coloring pages, larger saint's illustrations that you put on your feast day table, companion booklets, and more.  Click on the picture below to take a look.


    e really want to keep our prices down as we want to make this work available to as many families as possible, for those who have means and would like to, your donations help us to grow this project.  God bless!

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