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Fiat - The Illustrated Planner for Traditional Catholics

We have been completely astounded by the impact our calendars have had over the past year, and are now beyond excited to launch our first planner! In the Fiat Planner, you will see all the images we've illustrated over the past year plus, and all the monthly dedications we've shared on our membership, re-presented within the pages of a functional, sharp, and beautiful planner!

We've truly strived to bring the best of beauty and usability together with this planner. We've used simple, traditional icons to indicate days of fasting and abstinence, holy days of obligation, first Fridays and Saturdays, classes of feasts, and liturgical colors. The weekly spreads have a very classic layout, and yet the art elevates it to something that has never been offered in a planner before. With two spreads for every week, this planner offers more than your basic weekly planner in terms of functionality as well, providing a weekly goals list, habit tracker, to-do, meal planning, and more.

What this planner offers in way of a connecting point with the true, good, and beautiful, is something that we want to bring to as many people as possible. For that reason we have chosen more neutral, yet rich tones, and a very timeless feel. We have also incorporated as much flexibility into the design as we could. We've taken inspiration from bullet-journals, and placed dotted grid pages throughout, so that you can truly optimize this planner for your unique planning needs.

A few other things you'll notice we've incorporated into the planner: a special Marian icon for days on which the Mass of Our Lady on Saturday is said, icons for the O Antiphons of Advent from December 17-23, and unique illustrations for each of the four embertides.

This Planner is being offered by Sophia Institute Press in two sizes: Full-size (8.5x11) and Compact Edition (5.5x8.5). The design is nearly identical for the two sizes, so you can choose the size that works best for you without making any compromises. The planner is a simple paperback, spiral bound format, with uncoated pages so pens won't smear.

You can pre-order your planner now at Sophia Institute.

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Jul 11, 2023

I have only just discovered this planner but am absolutely loving it. Everything I was looking for has been included (even the menu planning!). I am hoping to see the 23/24 Calender available soon!!


Feb 10, 2023

I am using the planner .. Love having the dates in one place to help me with scheduling. Perhaps next season/ yr. don't bother with the menu pages. I tend to use them for other info. or skip it. I am a calander fan, love using paper. Trying to return to it. Bacis I like the month and than pages for the weeks to write notes. Others may disagree.


Deacon Patrick Jones
Sep 20, 2022

This looks wonderful! Excellent idea and you've streamlined it to the essentials, removing the clutter. Plus, Dominica (Sunday) is the first day of the week! A few questions:

  1. Paper weight? Heavy enough so no bleeding of pencil or pen?

  2. Double spiral binding, metal (FAR sturdier) please please please! At the very least, no plastic. But a regular spiral after six months of hard use is frustrating to use for the next six.

If it helps, here is a solid benchmark for spine and paper weight:

Thank you again. Looking forward to this!

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