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Next Companion Guide is Delayed

I apologize to all of you who have been following along diligently as I have put together a companion guide taken from Dom Guéranger's The Liturgical Year, as I am not going to get this week out on time... We have had a death in the family and with preparing for the funeral and all the family who have come into town, I have not been able to put the guide out.

My real goal has been to get ahead, but I have not accomplished that yet. So, if you have come looking for the latest download, it isn't here. I will send out an email when I get it up.

Thank you for bearing with us as we do this work and sometimes fall behind.

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3 comentários

Heather den Hollander
16 de jan. de 2022

I am so sorry to hear, and, of course, we understand. Our condolences and prayers.


Audra Cole
15 de jan. de 2022

May your family member rest in peace, and may those left behind be granted consolation.


Aaron Treguboff
Aaron Treguboff
15 de jan. de 2022

Completely fine and I hope I speak for all to say that we appreciate the work you are doing immensely. I'm very sorry to hear about the death in your family and I'll say a prayer for all of you!

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