This is a collection of full size coloring pages of the daily images within the Lent 2021 calendar, part 1.  Each day of Lent has its own readings, and the images of the calendar are illustrated from the Gospel and reflections of each day.  It is our hope that this collection is a good resource for children to color and know a little more of the liturgy for each day.


Each page has the title from the liturgy of the day, and an excerpt from the liturgy.  The collection can be purchased here in parts, but if you are interested in the whole collection as we produce it, you should consider our membership option.  The Patron option contains all of the coloring pages and is less expensive than purchasing them all in parts. 

Coloring Page Collection for Lent 2021 Part 1

  • Each purchase is for one household's use, but if you want to make a copy or two as a gift, that's ok.  We really want this to go far and wide, all we ask that you send folks to our store, and say a prayer for us!  Deo Gracias!