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Liturgy of the Home presents our first Christmas cards!  We didn't have time to get these printed so that you could order them in time to write your greetings and ship them to your friends and family, so we thought of another way.  What if we sold the files to you, and you could them take them and print them locally and have greeting cards... Great idea, eh?


So, here you have it, 5 images taken from the Illustrated Liturgical Year that you can use for your Christmas cards.


So, what you will receive when you purchase is a .zip file with 5 images.  Simply extract the .zip file on your hard drive and you can then print the images.  You can send them to a local big box store and have cards printed, or print them at home.  Next year, hopefully we can offer these as professionally printed stationary that you can order in advance.

Digital Christmas Cards

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