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The next image in our series of monthly dedications is to the Holy Eucharist.  This image has two parts, one is an illustration of a Priest performing Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament with Heaven and Earth present in attendance.  Michaela actually drew this for a book that she illustrated written by Cristina Borges called Of Bells and Cells: The World of Monks, Friars, Sisters and Nuns.  Cristina graciously let us use this image here as this month's dedication image.


The other part is the great hymn, Pange Lingua.  The two can be placed on display in your home to call you daily to remember our True Daily Bread, the Bread of Angels.


Available here is a color version, and a black and white version that can be colored by children and adults.  Also, we have a recording of Michaela's brother singing the hymn so that you may know the tune and sing it with your family at your Rosary.


Holy Eucharist April Dedication Image

  • Each purchase is for one household's use, but if you want to make a copy or two as a gift, that's ok.  We really want this to go far and wide, all we ask that you send folks to our store, and say a prayer for us!  Deo Gracias!

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