Here is our Traditional Christmas pictorial Calendar! You are purchasing a black and white and a color version of the calendar.  I created this calendar for all people, most especially children, who want to enter more fully into Christmas as we Catholics celebrate it. I have illustrated each of the Sunday gospels, the Saint's feasts and a special piece at the bottom.  There you will find a glorious depiction of the mysteries of our faith as hidden in the 12 Days of Christmas song.  The saints feasts are illustrated, designed, and placed such that the saints seem to be entering into the celebration of the mysteries of Christ's life with us, the church.  It is my hope that with minimal effort on the part of parents this calendar will help the whole family at a glance to see where we are in time and space according to this season of the church.


The file has nine pages, the first 4 are the black and white version, the next 4 are the color version and the last is a legend that shows the connection between the 12 Days of Christmas and 12 principal parts of the Faith.  Each full spread is made of 4 pages that can cut and then taped together -- be sure to removed the white borders.  Please share any feedback with me since it is my hope to make more such calendars for other liturgical seasons of the church. *Please note that this is the TRADITIONAL RITE 1962 calendar and not the new calendar, however, there are a few little additions for saints that we know and love.  See if you can find them!


ALSO, we do have available a full sized poster file for those of you who want to get it printed at Staples or Walmart on a wide format printer.  Please send me an email to from the email you ordered the calendar with and I will send you the poster file if you like.

Christmas Pictorial Calendar 2020

  • The is a PDF file, you can use it as much as you want in your home.  We ask that each family purchase for their own use, but if you want to make a copy or two as a gift, that's ok.  We really want this to go far and wide, all we ask that you send folks to our store, and say a prayer for us!  Deo Gracias!

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