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A New Chapter Begins...

For the first time, our work is published! We turned in the files several weeks ago to Sophia, and the posters are going to be shipped out to customers. They are available for pre-order at Sophia's website and we will be working with them over the next couple of months to spread the word to Catholics all over.

We still have a long way to go, we are working on illustrating Volume II (Septuagesima, Lent, and Easter) and will be working at quite a pace for the next 10 months or so until the whole year is illustrated.

If you are new to our project, take a look at our website. To get fully printed, quality posters of the Illustrated Liturgical Year, go to:

We will be opening up our digital membership soon in time for Advent and if you subscribe you can get the files for our calendars, coloring pages, monthly dedication images, and more to come. God bless!

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