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Blood of Christ, most worthy of all glory and honor, Save us!

That title is taken from the litany of the Most Precious Blood, and we think a fitting head for our image the dedication of the month of July.

We also have good news, we have found a publisher! We have been in talks for a couple of weeks, and now it is final... Sophia Institute Press has agreed to take up the task of printing and distributing this project of ours to help us get these calendars into more homes than we ever could have on our own. We are very excited to collaborate with them and it is our hope that this will be the beginning of many beautiful things that we can make together.

So, praise be to God, and take a look in our shop if you would like a copy of our July Dedication image to the Most Precious Blood, or consider a membership. We are making ongoing content for our members and will also be offering good discounts on all of our physical products as well.

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