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Christmas is Almost here!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It has been a good, but I must tell you, a difficult few weeks! Why difficult, you ask? Because this calendar has been particularly challenging to design and paint! We did something a bit different from our previous calendars, we focused on the 12 Days of Christmas and took more space to depict the symbols of the faith. At the bottom of this calendar you will find a glorious collection of imagery for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. I am hoping to put together a little video where Michaela and I can talk about her process and share our hearts and what we are trying to do with these calendars. Watch out for that soon.

We are so very grateful that so many of enjoyed this work of hers. We are launching the Christmas Pictorial Calendar for 2020, and we hope you will get a copy, and tell all of your friends and family about it. We want to see this work in as many homes as God desires, and to help children everywhere see the liturgical year more beautifully.

Now, remember, you can buy this now, and get it printed, BUT, don't put it up yet! I wanted to get this out to you so those of you who wanted to get it printed up at Staples or somewhere like that had time to do so before Christmas. Get it ready, and then after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve, put it up then and it will be a surprise when they wake!

God bless you all and may you have a Merry Christmas!

- Jeremiah Harrison

P.S. - Advent isn't over yet, and if you haven't gotten our Advent Calendar, then I have both calendars bundled together for less than each one on their own, so check it out!

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