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Epiphany part 2 Video is coming...

Michaela and I have begun a series of live videos, each one going over the next calendar as you will be putting it up on the wall, and this Saturday we are doing our next one! The last livestream we did was a real treat for us as folks were able to join us online and we got many good questions.

The next video is scheduled for Saturday, January 22 at 2:00 PM Central time. Please join us, ask any questions you have about the calendars, tell your friends and family about our project. So many families have written to us and shared that having these calendars on their wall has helped them, parents and children both to be more aware and interested in the liturgical year. That is why we are doing this work, we believe that the liturgical year is the setting in which Christian culture is to be built up again, and it starts in the home.

You can click here to go to our video on Youtube, or click here for Facebook. We don't have Rumble yet because of the cost, but we will see how things go.

Deo gracias!

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