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Lent is almost here, and our Lent calendar is almost ready...

We have been working feverishly to complete this year's Lent calendar, and for those of you who got last years, I think you are in for quite a treat! Well, if you didn't get last years, you are still in for a treat! Wait... treat? Is that fitting for Lent? Ok, think of it that we have been working overtime to make this Lent calendar really beautiful and have packed so much to consider into it.

Sometimes I wonder if this illustration project isn't getting away from us, but the Lord is providing all that we need. We are so grateful for all of you who have supported us in purchasing these calendars, you are really making this whole thing possible. If you are new here, please sign up for our email list so I can let you know when we are finished.

This calendar will be a 2 part calendar, and part 1 is nearly done. We will offer both parts together, and are working on building a membership platform where the files will be hosted for you to download. So, stay tuned and God bless!

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