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Showing The Three Mysteries of Epiphany

Tradition holds that there are three mysteries, three manifestations of Our Lord associated with Epiphany.

Dom Gueranger O.S.B. writes in The Liturgical Year,

“The Sixth of January… unite[s] three manifestations of Jesus’ glory: the mystery of the Magi coming from the East, under the guidance of a star, and adoring the Infant of Bethlehem as the divine King; the mystery of the Baptism of Christ, who, whilst standing in the waters of the Jordan, was proclaimed by the Eternal Father as Son of God; and thirdly, the mystery of the divine power of the same Jesus, when he changed the water into wine at the marriage-feast of Cana.” (Liturgical Year, Vol. III, p. 108)

In our Epiphany calendar, we wanted to show the connection between these three as they all occur during the time right after Epiphany. You can see light rays coming out from the Star over our Lord, and two of those rays continue down to the days of His Baptism and when He turned the water to wine during that wedding feast in Cana. It is a simple way to show how these events proceed out of God's will and the remembering of them and meditating on them serve to help us to come closer to the Christ whom they reveal to us.

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