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St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family, ora pro nobis!

Our first in our new series of Monthly Dedications is finished and available. We see here in this image St. Joseph looking upon the Church as represented by the Barque of Peter tossed in the tempest. It is assailed by the Devil, and yet not destroyed as it is defended by the Head of the Holy Family. We also took a beautiful translation of the hymn of Vespers to St. Joseph and have arranged them for display.

Each month we will make an image for the dedication of that month, and this month is a bit special as this year is chosen to be the year of St. Joseph, so we thought this to be a good time to begin this line of images. We have this available for purchase in our shop along with our calendars. If you choose to purchase, it comes with 2 color versions, a black and white version, and a little audio file of Michaela's brother singing the Vespers hymn. Also, we have a $9 a month subscription that contains all of the calendars, all of the Monthly Dedications and the Companion Booklets if you would like to support our work ongoing. The subscription is the best value if you want to have our work to display in your home. Click on the Membership Info link in the menu bar to see more about that.

It has been such a pleasure to receive feedback from so many on how they love our calendars. We have heard many times how children will come down in the morning and go to the calendar to see what day it is and look at the images, and that is exactly why Michaela loves to do this work.

God bless you, and stay tuned for what comes next. Part II is being illustrated, and we think you will like what is coming for Holy Week.

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