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The Pentecost calendar is complete!

Well, it has been quite a journey to get here, but we have finished our Pentecost calendar for this year. We were able to get the first half out in time (barely...) to get to our members. Well, now we have finished the second half. Now, this calendar does not go through all the time of Pentecost, but the first 3 weeks. You see, we are switching gears and going to stop illustrating this year and prepare to publish and get them printed, which is our final goal. We need to lead time to do this right. Don't worry, though, we will still illustrate the whole liturgical year, (Imagine what we could do for All Saints Day!) we just won't finish it this year. We hope to finish it next year and in such a way to make thousands of prints available. Say a prayer for us, we will need it!

For those who have purchased or are members, go to your download area and you will see the new files.

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