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Veni Sancte Spiritus

The end of the seven weeks of Easter is upon us, and we remember the Apostles in prayer in the upper room as they await the coming of the Paraclete. I feel a tiny bit like that as Michaela and her sisters have been closeted in our studio seemingly day and night to finish our Pentecost calendar for this year.

And still, we are going to run late! Not completely though, we have here ready for you to print the first part of the Pentecost spread which covers the week beginning with that blessed feast. So, not the whole poster is ready, just the top half.

You see, something significant has happened. Michaela is now expecting our fifth child, and she is unable to keep the same pace as she did before. We are very excited and grateful for our growing family, but it has some real repercussions for this work of ours.

This will be the last spread we do of the liturgical year this year. We need to turn our more limited energies to preparing for the final goal, and that is getting this calendar project of ours published and printed. The digital format is only the start, and so many can't take advantage of it.

So, we are going to finish this spread, you can expect the second part in 4 days or so, we are very close. Then we are preparing to chose how to publish. We want to publish the Illustrated Liturgical Year in 3 or 4 volumes at first. Volume I is The Christmas Cycle and includes Advent, the 12 Days of Christmas, and Epiphany. We want to, with God's help, really grow our audience and sell thousands of these in time for families to have them up for Advent.

To make this happen, we need to start illustrating and painting Advent now so we have the time to finish early enough to publish. We really have 2 choices, to self-publish and run a kickstarter to presell these, or connect with an established publisher and see if that would work better. I am going to be actively researching these options and will have to make a decision very soon, as in 2 weeks.

So, we are at a major pivot point in this work. Your support and prayers have been invaluable for us, and we thank you. For our members, you may be wondering about what this means for our membership program, and we have something we want to propose to you within a week or so, so stay tuned.

Visit our shop to purchase the Pentecost spread, I am working on getting it uploaded this morning. If you don't see it quite yet, check back in an hour or so.

May God be glorified by our efforts here, and a blessed Pentecost to you all!

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